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Each episode’s title card is accompanied with audio containing only Morse code (dots and dashes, or short and long beeps) which, when translated, provides a short hint (around 3 words) about the episode to come.

The web page which Hawkins accesses in episode 1.5 after the power is restored is the main page of MSN Turkey.

When CBS canceled Jericho in May 2007, fans began sending nuts to CBS in reference to the shows final episode, in which the main character referenced the Battle of the Bulge when he answered "NUTS" to a request to surrender. Three weeks later, over 8 million nuts had been shipped to CBS NY and CBS LA offices totaling over 40,000 pounds. Nina Tassler, president of CBS, sent out a memo on 6 June 2007 saying they have ordered seven more episodes to air within the year. They also asked the fans to stop sending nuts…

The Morse code that accompanies the opening credits of each episode is broadcast at 15 words per minute at 1000 Hz frequency.

Due to low ratings the series was canceled in Germany after episode #14 "Heart of Winter" by Pro7.

Was aired in Australia within a day of being aired in the US up until the mid-season break. After the break, Network Ten failed to return the show to air for around 2 months after the US. This delay, combined with lack of advertising and a poor time slot led to Jericho being "shelved" after Episode #1.13 "Black Jack". This is a fate shared by several other cult shows, such as "Battlestar Galactica" (2004).

Morseovka – 1. série

  • 1x01 - Jericho Pilot
  • 1x02 - Jericho Fallout
  • 1x03 - Jericho Three
  • 1x04 - He Knows Rob
  • 1x05 - There Is A Fire
  • 1x06 - The Emp Hits
  • 1x07 - Pray For Nyc
  • 1x08 - Rob Not Fbi
  • 1x09 - 1st Surprise
  • 1x10 - It Begins With
  • 1x11 - 6 And Ends With
  • 1x11.5 - Back Next Week. 36 Hours Before Bombs
  • 1x13 - Bleeding Ks
  • 1x14 - 4 Down 4 To Go
  • 1x15 - They Will Need It
  • 1x16 - A Costly Deal
  • 1x17 - Rob Exposed
  • 1x18 - Who Ran Red Bell
  • 1x19 -One Got Away
  • 1x20 - We Pledge
  • 1x21 - Allegiance
  • 1x22 - To The Flag

Morseovka – 2. série

  • 2x01 - We’re Baaack
  • 2x02 - J&R Ran Boxcar.
  • 2x03 - Caller Knows All
  • 2x04 - A Costly Death
  • 2x05 - Tho It Is Dark
  • 2x07 - Is Still There





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